About Us

TavTech – A Fresh New Perspective

TavTech Ltd. is a privately-owned company, based in Israel, with a mission to continuously develop medical and aesthetic applications based on its unique Jet Technology.

Since its establishment TavTech has been developing and delivering state-of-the-art medical and aesthetic devices and applications that are changing the way non-invasive treatments are carried out today.

In recent years TavTech's major shareholder is Bioville, owned by the Mayer family who conducting intense activities in the real estate markets in the US, Swiss and Israel; Bioville carries wide portfolio of investments in bio medical companies.


The company products are manufactured in a GMP-compliant facility, using TavTech proprietary molds and assembly tools. TavTech is also approved to ISO 13485 (including CMDCAS for Canada) and to ISO 9001. TavTech's medical products are CE Marked in accordance with the EU's Medical Devices Directive (93/42/EEC), while its aesthetics-care products are CE Marked according to the appropriate directives.

TavTech Ltd. owns worldwide patents covering well all the devices and systems developed by the company for providing a pressurized gas-liquid flow suitable for medical and cosmetic applications, among others.

TavTech's patented technology is today successfully applied in aesthetic skin rejuvenation, wound management, gastrointestinal (colonoscopy) and surgery. TavTech is extending its technology to additional segments within the medical and aesthetic spectrum, such as scalp and hair care etc; and there is more to come. The company's technological principle is simple, though sophisticated; liquids, e.g. saline, vitamins, acids, etc. are accelerated using pressurized air to high velocities by means of a unique handpiece-nozzle that breaks the accelerated liquid into micro-droplets. This stream of micro-droplets can be used either for medical applications or for aesthetics-care and a variety of skin conditions applications.

TavTech devices and operation methods are simple to operate and can deliver a variety of substances such as vitamins, nutrients and minerals into the skin non-invasively, keeping the whole process painless and clean.