The Jetox ™-HDC Lavage System
for simultaneous wound irrigation, powerful debridement and debris evacuation is a simple, efficient and effective method of achieving clean, fast wound healing.

jetox hdc

Benefits & Features
• Uses only pure natural components - standard hospital oxygen and normal saline solution
• Uses standard coupling for gas installation - oxygen breathing flowmeter outlet and saline dispensers
• Ideal for bedside, clinic and home setting
• Virtually no cleanup of the work environment
• Lightweight, portable and disposable
• Simplicity and effectiveness all in one
• Less mess, less cost
• Does not require vacuum system, generator or any sources of energy
• Ideal for patients sensitive to traditional debridements
• Easily controlled impact
• Quick, easy setup

Comprehensive Cleansing & Debridement
The methods used for wound bed preparation will depend upon the patient, the type of wound and the healthcare setting in which treatment is undertaken. Treatment must allow patients access, either directly or through multidisciplinary working, to the most appropriate therapy for their wound if best use is to be made of technological innovations in wound care. Effective wound bed preparation is one element in that care package. Proper wound cleansing and removal of non-viable tissue is the first, most important step in wound healing. Wound cleansing is an essential component of wound management used to facilitate the wound healing process. Several methods are available for use by the physical therapist to achieve wound cleansing. The most obvious marker of a chronic wound is the presence of necrotic tissue, which can be both a focus for bacteria and a barrier to healing. Debridements occur naturally within wounds and studies indicate that if this process is accelerated then healing will be more rapid. In a chronic wound, the pathological processes causing the wound frequently continue in the underlying tissues and may create a reservoir for the production of further exudates and necrotic tissue. Sharp and surgical debridement rapidly remove necrotic tissue and reduce the bacterial burden, but also carry the greatest risk of damage to viable tissue and require high levels of technical skill.

Revolutionary Approach For
• Wound Care Centers
• Hospitals
• Burn Units
• Physical Therapy Departments